How to Register

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Click on the REGISTER button, located in the upper right corner of our home page, next to ‘Forgot your password?’

Choose your Username and Password, enter your email and cell number.

Check the statements, accept the Terms and Conditions and you’re READY!

You will receive a confirmation email in your inbox.

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Click the Reload and / or Complete your registration button, located in the upper right corner of our home page, next to My Account:

Complete Step 1/2 with the exact information of your citizenship or foreign identity card and your residence information.

Continue with Step 2/2 by entering your personal information and confirming or adjusting the limits of your account.

¡Bienvenido a Betjuego!

How to Deposit

Login to your BetJuego account

Click on the deposit button next to the sign in box

This will load up the “Payment Methods”  page

Here you will select your preferred payment method from:

  • Card Deposit (From the following methods)
    • PayU
  • Cash Deposit (From the following methods)
    • Redservi

Card Deposit

If you select “Card Deposit”, you will be redirected to the PayU Card Deposit page

When you make your first deposit, you will have to enter:

  • Deposit Amount
  • Card Number
  • Account Number
  • Expiry Date
  • 3 Digit Security Number

Once you have successfully completed all fields, click on “Continue” to upload the money into your account.

Cash Deposit

Click the link in the instructions to locate your nearest Redservi kiosk

To complete your deposit you will need to provide to the operator in the kiosk the BetJuego user ID issued during the creation of your account. You can find your BetJuego user ID any time in “My Account”

Deposit Limits

During the registration process, you will be required to set your daily, weekly and monthly deposit limits before making any deposit. You won’t then be able to deposit more than your limits.

To set a new Deposit Limit, click on the “Account Limits “page in your account.

Then click “Deposit Limits” and enter into the “Deposit Amount” box the maximum amount you wish to deposit over a time period.

Select a time period (Daily, Weekly or Monthly) and reason from the drop-down menus.

Click “Set Deposit Limits” and click “Continue” on the pop-up message.

Setting a limit for the first time or lowering a limit will take immediate effect. However, if you want to raise your limit you will need to wait 72 hours before it becomes effective.

After the 72 hours, you will be asked to reconfirm that you wish to raise your limits.

How to Withdraw

Log in to your BetJuego account

Click on “My Account”

Select “Withdraw” from the menu

You will be able to withdraw as soon as the withdrawal functionality in your account is activated.

If the withdrawal functionality in your account has not been yet activated you can monitor the status of your account anytime in “My Account” by accessing the page “Verification”.

The withdrawals are processed within 72 hours unless we tell you otherwise.

  • 20% tax applies to withdrawals above 1.529.232 Pesos and will be calculated and withheld from the actual withdrawal amount
  • 10% charge applies to any withdrawal of un-staked deposits and will be calculated and withheld from the un-staked amount you requested to withdraw.

BetJuego does not apply any other fee to your withdrawal but the payment provider may apply fees.

  • Pending withdrawals can be cancelled on the “Pending Withdrawals” page

How to Withdraw – Redservi

When on the withdrawal page, select “Redservi”

Enter your withdrawal amount, click “Make Withdrawal”

The amount will be removed from your Account Balance

You will be sent an email with instructions on how to collect your withdrawal, with a generated code to give to the operator at the kiosk

Your withdrawal request will appear in “Pending Withdrawals” until we authorise the transaction

Once your withdrawal request is authorised it will no longer be displayed in “Pending Withdrawals” and you will receive an email with the instruction to follow to collect the amount requested


The authorised withdrawal request listed in “Pending Withdraws” will remain pending until the withdrawal is processed or cancelled by clicking on “Cancel Withdraw” on the Pending Withdrawal page

You cannot withdraw less than 20,000 Pesos or more than 500,000 Pesos  per day if you choose Redservi


How to Withdraw – Bank Transfer

When on the withdrawal page, select “Bank Transfer”

If you have already used the Bank Transfer as a withdrawal method, your bank details will be saved and selected for future withdrawals to the bank account by default

When you withdraw by Bank Transfer for the first time you will need to enter the following details

  • Bank Name (Select from a drop down list)
  • Bank Account Number
  • Account Holder
  • Withdrawal Amount
  • Document Type
  • ID Number

Once you filled the bank account details, you can proceed to click on “Make Withdrawal”

Your withdrawal request will appear in “Pending Withdrawals”  until the payment is processed

You cannot withdraw less than 250,000 Pesos or more than 6,000,000 Pesos per day by bank transfer


Remaining funds withdrawal – Close account

If you have decided to close your account while you still have a balance remaining, you will be instructed to withdraw your money prior to closing your account.

If you have decided to close your account and your balance is below 20.000 Pesos (the minimum withdrawal). Following your request of closing the account, you will receive an email with a code and instruction to collect your funds via Redservi.