Account FAQs

How do I register on betjuego?

Click the “Register” link found on the website which will open the registration form.

Fill out the personal data, residence details and account details and submit.

Does it cost any money to register on betjuego?

No. It’s completely free of charge.

Can I open more than one account with betjuego?

No. Multiple accounts are not allowed.

What is the minimum age for betting with betjuego?

It is strictly forbidden for persons under the age of 18 to open an account and use our services.

How do I make a Pay U Card deposit?

Clicking any Deposit link loads the cashier and ‘”Payment Methods’” page.

Click “Card Deposit”.

Please enter the deposit amount, card number, account holder, expiry date and 3 digit security number.

How do I make a Cash Deposit?

Clicking any Deposit link loads the cashier and ‘”Payment Methods’” page.

Click “Cash Deposit”.

Use the Deposit Method drop-down to select your method (Redservi, Baloto).

Point 1 will provide a link to a Redservi Kiosk locator.
Further instructions are displayed on the page.

How do I withdraw funds?

Clicking the “Withdrawal” link loads the ‘”Withdraw Funds” page.

Select a withdrawal method from the drop-down menu, either  “Bank Transfer” or “Redservi”.

Please be aware that a withdrawal cannot be made until the account is verified.

Withdrawals are cash only.
You have 5 days to withdraw via Redservi before the request is expired and your funds are added back to your balance.
Simply enter the withdrawal amount and click continue.
You will receive an email with details on how to collect your withdrawal.

Bank transfer:
Enter the bank name, bank account number, account holder, withdrawal amount, document type and document ID number.
Click “Make Withdrawal”.
Your bank details will be automatically saved for your next withdrawal.
Pending withdrawals can be cancelled on the “Pending Withdrawals” page.

How much can I withdraw per day?

A total of 6,000,000 Pesos by bank transfer.

What is the usual withdrawal processing time?

Maximum 72 hours.

Can I use an international card?

No. Only Colombian credit or debit cards.

Are there any fees when withdrawing?

Yes, if you withdraw more than 1,529,232 Pesos, you will pay a 20% tax.

How do I verify my account?

Navigate to the “Account Verification” page (if available).

Select your occupation from the drop-down menu.

Upload the required documents.

Clicking “Verify Account” will send the documents and start the verification process.

If the documents uploaded are approved, the status of the account will move from Awaiting Verification to Account Verified.

How do I Self-Exclude?

You will be able to Self-Exclude from sports, casino or both (all products).

Once you have decided to Self-Exclude it cannot be reversed.

Navigate to the “Self-Exclusion” page.

Select a pre-populated self-exclusion period (24 hours – 5 years).

Click the check box to select which products to self-exclude from.

Click “Exclude Me”

Click “Self Exclude” on the confirmation pop-up message.

The Self-Exclusion page will show how long you have before you can play again.

How do I set deposit limits on my account?

You will have the chance to set your deposit limit before making your first deposit.

When you attempt to access the deposit page for the first time, a “Deposit Limits” pop-up will appear prompting you to set your limits.

Click “Set Deposit Limits Now” and you will be taken to the “Deposit Limits” page.

Setting a limit for the first time or lowering a limit will take immediate effect.

If limits are raised, there will be a 72-hour and you will need to confirm that you wish to raise your limits.

To set a new Deposit Limit, navigate to the “Account Limits” page.

Click “Deposit Limits” and click into the “Deposit Amount” box and enter the maximum amount you wish to deposit over a time period.

Select a time period and reason from the drop-down menus.

Click “Set Deposit Limits” and click “Continue” on the pop-up message.

How do I set betting limits on my account?

You will have ‘No Limits’ set for your betting limits on your betjuego account by default.

Your betting limit will be the maximum stake per bet.

To change your betting limits, you must take the following steps

  • Navigate to the Account Limits page
  • Click ‘Betting Limits’ and this will expand the Betting Limits tab
  • Click into either the ‘Max Sports Stake’ or ‘Max Casino Stake’ box and enter the maximum amount wished to be played per bet.
  • Click ‘CONTINUE’ on the pop up to confirm the new account limits
  • A confirmation banner ‘Account Limits Set’ will appear and new account limits will be set
  • New limits will take immediate effect.

How do I close my account?

Clicking the text link at the bottom of the Self-Exclusion page will take you to the “Close Account” page.

If you close your account, you will have to contact support to enquire about reopening the account.

You will not be allowed to create a new account.

Once the account is closed, you will receive a confirmation email.

How do I reopen my account?

If you close your account, you will have to contact support to enquire about reopening the account.

How do I update my personal details?

Navigate to the “Account Details” page under “Account Settings”.

Your contact number and address will be editable.

The other account details are non-editable and you will need to contact support in order to update them.

How do I change my password?

Under “Account Settings”, click “Change Password”.

Enter your current password.

Then enter a new password, confirm it and click “Update Password”.

How do I change my bank details?

In order to change your bank details, you will need to contact customer services.

You can do this via email, on

How do I recover a lost username/password?

Click “Forgotten Details” on login.

You will then be asked to input your registered email address to retrieve your details.

Can I change my username?

Unfortunately not; the username that you have chosen during the registration process cannot be changed once you have created your betjuego account.

Where can I find terms & conditions?

Look for “Terms & Conditions” in the main menu on the left.