Casino FAQs

How do I complain about a bet I made?

If you have a complaint regarding the outcome of a bet on any of our Casino games, please contact the customer service team using the email address Please describe your complaint in as much detail as possible, including timings and specific bet IDs where possible. betjuego will investigate the complaint thoroughly.

What happens if my game is not completed?

Incomplete games are dealt with differently depending on the type of game being played:

Single Stage Games

If you get on a game with only one stage (for example Roulette) and disconnect, log out or refresh the game in the browser before the game finishes; the game will be completed automatically with the result being displayed in your betting history.

Multi-Stage Games

If you place a bet on a game with more than one stage and disconnect, logout or refresh the game in the browser before the game finishes, it depends on the stage of the game you are in.

  • If your game has not reached the final stage (with a bet ID having been provided), where possible your game details will be retained so that you can log back in and continue play.
  • If your game was in the process of completing it’s final stage, the game will be completed automatically and the result will be displayed in your betting history

How do I know that the results are fair?

To ensure that the Games are completely fair, all results are produced by a random number generator (“RNG”). The methodology of the Operator’s RNG has been evaluated and certified by an independent third party testing company.

What system do I need to have in order to play?


For our desktop games, it is recommended that you use one of the following browsers:

Browser Version
Chrome 40
Firefox 37
Internet Explorer 9
Opera 21

It is also required to install/enable Adobe Flash Player to play certain games.


For mobile, it is recommended to use one of the following browsers:

Operating System Browser
Android Chrome
iOS Safari


How do I play casino?

Click the “Casino” tab on either the desktop or mobile site.