Full Game Controls

These generic controls are available at the top of the screen in all full size BetJuego games, and are listed below as they appear from top to bottom, left to right in the image below.

Note: Mini Game controls differ from these.

Deposit This link allows you to quickly deposit funds into your account.
Account statement This link allows you to view all your previous transactions and bets.
Help This displays the game help.


This allows you to increase or decrease the volume of sounds in the game. Click and drag the control to the left to decrease, or to the right to increase.


This button allows you to mute or unmute the game sounds.
Odds display


This allows you to select the format you wish to see the game odds displayed in. AS = Asian Decimals, UK = British Fractions, EU = European Decimals, and US = American Odds. Asian Decimals is your winnings as a decimal, British Fractions is your payout as a fraction, European Decimals is your payout as a decimal, and American Odds show how much money will be won on a $100 wager.


Your balance is displayed (in the currency of your account) near the top right of the game screen. The button immediately right of the amount hides/unhides the balance amount. When there are no active bets running, the button furthest right is enabled to allow balance refresh, to take into account bets placed on other website channels, voids and customer transactions such as deposits and withdrawals.
Full Screen Mode
This button allows you to switch between the default game screen size and full screen mode.


This button displays the draw statistics for the game you are playing, e.g. how many times a particular number has been drawn.